How it works

Input your recipes into the easy to use template, choose your pour size and let Craft IQ do the work. Add dilution, garnishes, and floats, all aspects of drink building are covered. Head to the Batching section and find your exact measurements based on your party size or business needs.

My Craft

Create, construct, and compose your cocktail recipe compendium.


Converts pours such as dashes, bar spoons, and rinses into exact ounce measurements.


Calculates the precise total ounces in a cocktail, including small integers such as a bar spoon, egg white, and splashes. 


Share recipes between friends or a full bar program with colleagues.


Batch cocktails in three different avenues:

○ Based on guest count
○ Based on batch size
○ Based on your main ingredient


Calculates dilution rate based upon the shake intensity level desired.


Predictively purchase for business needs.


The Shopping list calculates the number of bottles needed to fulfill your par or guest count, based on your batch, and If the bottle size needed is not available, Craft IQ can convert your list to any bottle size available in real time.


Conversions include a standard unit measuring tool, such as milliliters to ounces, cups to gallon, or liters to ounces.


Discover practical bar conversions. Convert any number of 1.75 Liter bottles to 750ml bottles, or gallons to 1 liter bottles, or 375 ml bottles to gallons. All unit sizes can be converted. 


Includes a garnish conversion tool. Giving an average and accurate count of produce required, determined either by type of garnish or what is required for the specific number of cocktails desired.

Back Bar

Create your own liquor inventory within the back bar. Calculate cost of goods based upon bottle size. Utilize for either personal or professional use.

Craft IQ Library

An ever evolving list of classic and modern cocktails for you to discover.


Batch any cocktails within the Craft IQ Library for your party or business.


Edit and add to your list of cocktails.


Share edited drinks with your friends and colleagues.